The look and options available for our New York State driver's license have evolved since 2021 and your Social Security had a significant change earlier this year as well. For example when applying for a renewed drivers license you now have a choice. Same goes for your Social Security card, you can now select an 'M', 'F' or the letter 'X'.

This same option will soon be available for New York public assistance applicants as well.

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New Yorkers can now choose an X gender on a New York State drivers license, ID card or Social Security Card. What does the X represent? If you're transgender and non-binary you can have the X represent you in the gender section of your license or ID.

According to Yahoo News, by January 1, 2024, New York residents that are applying for food stamps, Medicade or any public assistance will be able to choose an “X” gender option on their application.

This adjustment is the result of a 2021 lawsuit against multiple government agencies. It was argued that, when applying for assistance, nonbinary applicants felt they either had to lie under oath by declaring themselves as male or female or be denied benefits.

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