On August 24 2011, Q103 told you who the hottest news anchor in Albany was. Now, in June of 2016, I am reopening the case. This time I am asking you—who is the Capital Region's hottest news lady?

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Notice how I said "news lady" instead of anchor or reporter?

I say "news lady" so that both anchors and reporters can be considered for "Hottest News Lady" because a reporter is not an anchor, but both have something to do with the news. Originally I referred to them as "news girls," but some ladies find that to be offensive, and not all girls want to be a "lady."

I am asking you, our audience, who the hottest is news lady is because I've looked at all of them, and I cannot decide.

I remember who I thought the hottest news lady in the Capital Region was. I was in high school taking a class in Broadcast Journalism. My teacher had announced that Carrie Lake was going to be a guest speaker. I thought that Carrie Lake was the hottest news lady at the time, but things got off on the wrong foot when all of my proposed questions for Carrie were banned.

All I wanted to know was:

"How is Ed Dague?"

"Is there catering at your news station?"

My teacher did not appreciate my curiosity, or maybe it was because I asked every day for a month.

When Carrie finally came it was a triumph: she was as attractive in person, and she was on TV. We put our desks in a circle with Carrie at the head, and I purposely took the seat next to hers. I sat through her speech and waited for the Q&A. Then, I sat through a couple of boring questions before I finally asked: "How is Ed?"

To my teacher's dismay, Carrie loved the question- but not as much as she loved my question about catering. I became Carrie's favorite student out of the class. She started calling me by name. The kid on the opposite side of me tried to steal her attention from me by telling her that he wrote for the school's paper.

So, I told Carrie that the school paper was terrible. She laughed, and at the end of her visit we all posed for a picture. She requested that I stand next to her, and she pulled me close enough to make my teenage mind feel victorious.

My teacher was pissed.

Carrie Lake moved back to her home town a few months later, that was in 1998. I feel old, so Carrie Lake no longer qualifies for being the hottest news lady in the Capital Region.

So, who is?

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