I'm with the rest of America on this:  I've become hooked on Charlie Sheen's antics.  However, I'll say that it's been a good week of Charlie Sheen and his real 15 minutes of fame is over.

Charlie Sheen's antics first thoroughly annoyed me.  I thought he was an ultimate D-bag who thought way too fondly of himself.  After a few days of hearing about Charlie, though, I had to turn him into a joke in my head just to deal with the insanity about him.  I began to view Charlie as somewhat of a Chuck Norris-esque figure.  Who would win:  Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Norris?  Well, Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris, but Charlie Sheen has #tigerblood and he is #winning!

After watching a bit of the Charlie Sheen special on Dateline Friday night, I began to feel for Charlie.  It's almost as if he's taking on and challenging the entire world and I'm afraid for him and his addictions.  His father and his brother spoke about trying to help Charlie, but he refuses all help because of the inflated ego that he is carrying around.  It sounds like his addiction is getting the best of him, regardless of whether he's using right in this moment or not, it sounds like it may ultimately kill him.  It's very sad for a family to have to deal with one of their own having a serious addiction, let alone having it unfold in front of the entire world.  My heart goes out to the Sheen family in this way.

As far as making light of "Charlie Sheen week" (which I have just named it), Saturday Night Live last night did a phenomenal job!  SNL hasn't been performing as well as they had in the past, and it was a fluke that I had tuned in last night, but kudos for the work that they had done last night!  I thought that the Charlie Sheen sketches were hilarious and Miley Cirus blew me away.  She was outrageously funny for the way that she had previously been perceived in my mind.  If you didn't catch it last night, I'd try to youtube it today.

Ultimately, I think Chuck Norris is going to win.  An alien from Mars, such as Charlie Sheen, only has a limited supply of #tigerblood and isn't going to be #winning that much longer.


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