On this weeks Free Advice Friday we asked the expert, "Who's going to win the Super Bowl?" so you can do more important things than watch Sunday's big game...

You know how it is when you have spent pretty much a lifetime devoted to your team and over the last 17 weeks have been especially dedicated. Suffering through the ups and downs of good weeks and bad weeks. Through injury's, bad calls, the wins, and those terrible losses only too end up at the end of the season  watching the same damn team **ahem Patriots ** that keeps making it to the championship game, even though most of the country is pretty bored with them, to play against some other team you don't really care about?

Well on this weeks Free Advice Friday we asked the expert "Who's going to win the Super Bowl?" so that you can spend you Sunday doing more important things than watching Brady cheat at football, or at least listen to something with a little more melody.

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