Last night at the 2017 Grammy Awards people sang, people cried, people said things about Trump and people got upset about things but that is just what I heard because I did not watch the Grammy Awards I watched WWE Elimination Chamber instead.

6th Annual Latin Grammy Awards - Press Room
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I don't like Award Shows I think that they are for girls because if you think about: At an Award Show everyone gets dressed up so that they can sit down and watch other people who dressed up present other people who dressed up, Award Shows are big prissy fashion shows that don't really effect anyone or anything but the people who showed up at the Award Show and then there is an after party that you're not invited to.

I watched wrestling instead, it was awesome Bray Wyatt won the Elimination Chamber match and the WWE Title.

You can't say that I preferred a bunch of sweaty men rolling around a mat grabbing each other because there were 3 Women's matches last night so that means I did not just prefer sweaty men rolling around together but women too.

My wife watched the Grammy Awards at her cousins after they watched The Walking Dead, what does that say?

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