There has got to be some science that directly connects the presence of airports and the level of stupidity in people, right?

Whether it is for wrestling or simply for vacation, I do a lot of traveling. In my travels I frequent many different airports and I’ve had similar experiences just about every time, mainly in noticing that people are stupid.

When boarding an aircraft it takes some patience. The plan is small and narrow and only one person can walk down the aisle at a time. So if this is the case, why does everyone still insist on trying to shove onto the plane as fast as possible?

The brilliant people of the airlines have noticed this issue so they came up with a “fail proof” plan. Each boarding pass is labeled with a designated boarding area number which allows people to only board when their number is called. However, regardless of the number on your their boarding pass, the majority of travelers still insist on standing directly in front of the entrance way blocking the path.

Airport tip: Sit the F down until your number is called!

When landing and taxiing back to the gate, the issue is just the same but now the crowd is on the inside of the plane. Why is it that as soon as the seat belt light turns off the entire plane decides to jump out of their seats and grab their bags? Do they really believe that if they move quickly enough in back row they can somehow magically jump in front of the entire plane in front of them? There has to be an order to how things work in the world. When you break this order and do whatever the hell you want we get airplane cluster and you slow the entire process down.

I could go on for hours about the stupid things I see people do in the airport/airplane but these are the two that bother me the most. The next time you travel by airplane keep these simple rules in mind. Sit down until your boarding area is called. Stay in your seat until it’s your time to exit. And try not to be such an ass. If you do these three things, we can start to make this world a better place.