I love the Olympics for two reasons: One reason is that it is proof that human beings love games and I find it inspiring that we still celebrate an ancient Greek tradition because it proves that the Greeks were good for something.


If you're still reading this, or if you actually clicked on the link from our Facebook because I've noticed that no one really does that, then I would like to apologize for what I said about the Greeks.

The other reason why I love the Olympics is because of the women.

Volley Ball, Gymnastics, Diving, Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Track & Field, I don't care what it is, you put attractive athletic women in spandex I am there. One year my wife banned me from watching the Olympics because she overheard me saying something about how much I enjoy watching the Beach Volley Ball players brushing the sand off of each other.

You know.... after that comment I think I should ban myself from watching the Olympics.

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