There seems to be a stigma to professional wrestling, Oh its fake! You know what I don't care and here is why.

I have been a lifelong fan of WWE and wrestling in general. I'm sure many more people are in the capital region just like me. I recall sometime around 1998 seeing then WWF on tv for the first time. I was hooked. I hate people that will sit there and bash you with the line "Are you a booger eater?" or "Do you live in your mom's basement?". People that say those things just are oblivious. Here is my example, Do you like music. Of course you do. But why? Most would say its an escape from life or it makes you forget things or remember fond moments. That is wrestling for me.

I had a rough go during my teenage years. From the age of 10-17 my father battled cancer. Wrestling was my escape. It was my one sense of joy in the world when everything else around me was crumbling. It was constant. Every Monday night to sit and forget about the world for a few hours was a necessity. It got me through some rough times. Put a smile on my face when I didn't have a lot of good surrounding me.

Wrestling is entertainment. We all know that. Wrestling though however is not fake. It is scripted because night in and night out these men go into the ring with one goal. Suspending your disbelief. They still fall on their back. Get slammed on their heads. Dive 10 feet to a floor. That isn't fake. Torn quadriceps and ACL's. That isn't fake.

To this day I still watch wrestling day in and day out. I am a proud customer of the WWE Network and I am not afraid to say I love professional wrestling.