It's getting to the end of a great television season and we had some great new programming this year.  Unfortunately they have decided to cancel most of it.


I was really enjoying the programming on TV that began this past fall.  Now that it's spring time, we find out what shows have come and gone, and quite a few that were fantastic get the boot.  I find it very discouraging.  What is the point of starting to watch a new show if the networks aren't going to give it a chance?

A couple of my favorite shows have been canceled and I am not a very happy person.  ABC in particular has taken away some of the better shows in their lineup to make room for most likely another lame cop show.  I was a big fan of "Mr. Sunshine", "Off The Map" and "V" and ABC has canceled all of them.  They also canceled one of my fiance's favorite shows, "Brother & Sisters" but at least that one wrapped up pretty nicely this season.  "V" was a cliff hanger because they expected at least a third short season, much like they did this year.  As far as "Off The Map" goes, what are you thinking?  Finally a medical show comes along in a different setting (the jungles of South America) and you cancel it and renew the shit storm that is "Greys Anatomy"?  You have to be joking.  If you didn't get a chance to see the sitcom "Mr. Sunshine" with Matthew Perry, then you missed out.  It was on right after the massive hit "Modern Family" and was just as hilarious.  It quickly became one of my favorites.  But alas, now they are now all gone.

NBC has taken away my "Lost" replacement, "The Event".  I don't know about you, but I love a serial drama.  "The Event" would be a cliff hanger each week and you couldn't wait to see what happened the following Monday night.  This is tragic.

So what does that leave us with as TV viewers?  Unfortunately much of the same thing.  It seems like everything is a ridiculous crime solver show.  I would be okay with that IF those shows were all like "Psych" which is on the USA network.  Do we need more CSI's, NCIS's and Law & Orders?  The answer is no, but I guess America isn't into changing things up.  You most likely lost some of your favorite shows in this years cancellations as well, and for a complete look at all the canceled shows click here.

With all that being said, RIP 2010/2011 TV season.  It was a nice run.  Hopefully next year we get some good shows that can stick around awhile.