I was very surprised when I found out the news that Tom Brady would be joining Fox as part of their broadcast team once he decides to retire.  He will receive a 10 year $375 million contact and will be paid approximately between $20 and $25 million per year.  The full contract is worth roughly more than his entire career earnings as a player over for 22 seasons and counting.  It will make him the highest paid TV analyst ever.  I wonder how he will do with the transition from the field to the broadcast booth.  He is the greatest to ever do it in the National Football League so his knowledge of the game along with his daily preparation should speak for itself.  Here is my quick take on this from the Times Union:

Why is there so much fuss over Tom Brady joining Fox Sports when he finally retires? We all make such a big deal over who announces the game, when in reality, we are watching the game regardless of who the commentators are. Fox wants Brady to increase its ratings, and I get that. What Fox doesn’t know for sure is how Brady will do when he steps into the booth. There are no guarantees that it will be a smooth transition, whenever that time comes.

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MJ and I had a discussion on whether or not Brady will succeed as an announcer.  Below is our full conversation on this.

I wouldn't personally jump the gun on instantly thinking that Tom Brady will be an immediate success as an announcer for Fox.  The likes of Tony Romo, Troy Aikman, and Drew Brees are all naturals.  I do think Brady will eventually become an awesome broadcaster however and am interested to see him in the booth calling games every NFL Sunday.

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