Will apartments and townhouses be built on the Wilton Mall land? A vote has moved the plans closer to approval but some residents highly oppose them.

What is Being Proposed at Wilton Mall?

Paramount Development is teaming up with mall giant Macerich to hopefully bring more customers to the Wilton Mall in Saratoga. They have a plan to build up to four hundred townhouses and apartments at Wilton Mall according to the Albany Business Review.

Where will These Apartments & Townhouses be Built?

The development company has signed a contract to buy thirteen point six acres from the Macerich. This land lies in the northeast corner of Wilton Mall. It is near Exit 15 and the Northway on Route 50.

google maps
google maps

What do Wilton Residents think of the Proposal?

There are many vocal residents that are unhappy with putting more apartments and townhouses in this area. They are already concerned with how congested that area is with traffic off of Exit 15. Other residents were hoping they would consider building condos, a hockey rink, and other indoor sports facilities according to the Albany Business Review.

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google maps

Will it Just Be Housing at Wilton Mall?

Actually, the developer wants to add other uses to the land that may include a theater, art gallery, microbreweries, distilleries, an indoor pool, cocktail lounges, and even laboratories and research centers. Saratoga Hospital moved into space near Wilton Mall recently.

What's the Latest on the Project?

Last week the Wilton Town board met and voted by a 3-2 margin to forward the project to the Saratoga County Planning and the Wilton Planning Board. The Wilton Town Supervisor John Lant along with the deputy supervisor John McEachron were the two "no" votes.

Now the final decision to approve the project will go back to the town board after the county and the town's planning boards vote.

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