The work week is long.  And the days never seem to end sometimes.  There's always those brutal moments that seem to happen when you dare to take a peek at the clock after what seems like hours, and only five minutes have passed.  BUT- wouldn't work be so much better if your entire office won a prize?!  Not just you, not just a coworker, but the ENTIRE office? Because Q103 can hook you up!

It's all part of the Q103 Work Day Distraction!  It's simple- all you need to do is place a nomination here or fill out the form below, and if you win the Work Day Distraction, your office can be hooked up with awesome prizes like concert tickets, movie passes, gift cards, and more!  I'll even be delivering the prizes myself!

Here's to making the most out of that never-ending work week, and getting some recognition for how hard you work!