A winning Take 5 lotto ticket was recently sold in the Capital Region, and it's worth   $63,370.50.

According to The Times Union, the single winning ticket for Tuesday's Take 5 was sold at the Tamanna Inc., a convenience store located in Cairo. The winning numbers were 05 - 06- 07- 17- 38. If you have these winning numbers you'll wanna contact the NY Lottery and claim your earnings. Winning tickets can be cashed up to a year from the drawing.

This win got me thinking about the time my brother hit a jackpot of $50,000 on a scratch off ticket. This was around 1998, when the new Volkswagen Beetle came out. My brother bought himself a Beetle and also helped me pay off some bills, which I’ll always appreciate. I on the other hand have never had much luck with the New York Lottery or winning much of anything in my life.

How about you? Have you ever hit a big jackpot? How large was the jackpot?


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