I mean it's nice to dream but I'll believe it when I see it ... on my bill and in my bank account.

Good news Capital Region! The Times Union is reporting that "winter heating bills for National Grid customers are expected to drop by nearly 7 percent ... as long as it's not colder than normal."

Apparently there are some maths involved that talk about therms of natural gas and percentages but the short of it is that the company is predicting;

The average five-month cost to heat homes in its upstate territory will come to $506, compared to last year's average of $543

Which sounds all well in good $40 bucks is $40 bucks right? Then I thought about it and realized that it is summer and my bill hasn't dropped all that much since last winter. Of course that's because they combine it with your electricity and no matter what time of year it is they hit you with big bills for one or the other. So if we get to save a couple of bucks a month cool and if we have another brutal winter this year well then, I guess we'll just keep paying the man.