Just a little reminder while you're digging out of winter storm Harper today to check on and lend a hand to your neighbors who might not be as able as you are.

One of things I'm always in awe of after a big snow storm in the Capital Region is how is how our communities and neighbors come together to make sure that everyone is okay and can get around their homes.

Earlier today my whole neighborhood was working together to make sure everyone could maneuver around from shoveling sidewalks, walkways, and driveways to digging out cars that were plowed in. It didn't matter if it was your yard or car we all kind of just worked together to make sure everyone could get out. We even had one neighbor that had a snowblower that went through a good portion of our street clearing the big stuff for everyone.

winter storm harper 5

Which got me thinking that not everyone might be fortunate enough to have such kind neighbors or even the means to dig out themselves. Whether it's a lack of supplies, physical ability, or that they may be out of town. I know first hand that there's nothing worse than coming back from vacation to find your car and yard is buried in snow that has since turned into a solid block of ice.

So if you have the means while you are digging it check on your neighbors and make sure they are okay or if they could use a hand. A little help could mean more than you could imagine to someone.

winter storm harper 4

Also, in the return if you have some great neighbors lending a hand make sure to show your appreciation be it a hot beverage, sandwich, a beer or two, or even a simple thank you can go a long way.

Happy Shoveling!

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