I am angered at this woman writing this, as I am sure many of you will be reading it. This is something that should never cross someone's mind.

Now this incident, regardless of where it happened, is even worsened by the fact that it was on the side of a pretty major roadway. Route 5 in Amsterdam. Diamond Wallace, 23 of Schenectady was in a vocal argument with her own mother. A fight that was significant enough to make a State Trooper pull over.

The anger of the 23-year-old hit a high enough level while holding her six-month-old baby in a car seat, she threw the child at the trooper. Pardon me while I tell you my true feeling. This woman should get a much high charge than what she is. She is getting charged with endangering a child and disorderly conduct. I know that is exactly what she did, but she should be in jail for doing that to a six-month-old child.

Now, mind you Spectrum is saying she is being accused of this. I feel like that isn't the kind of accusation that gets thrown around regularly and would be false.