It's never something you want to hear in the same sentence.  Squeeze and testicles.  A North Carolina Woman decided to take pain to a new level and really grab a guy by the balls, and remove them.

Talk about putting a squeeze on things.  This unpleasant looking woman is Joyce Maxine Gregory and she really knows how to win an argument.  Though to be fair, if you grab us by the balls you'll get us to do whatever, just be gentle.

Gentle was something that Gregory was not.  According to the police reports, 35 year old Gregory was arguing with a 59 year old male.  When he stepped out to make a phone call, Gregory followed, and grabbed his balls.  She then proceeded to rip open his sack, and squeeze out a testicle.

It really gives meaning to the term hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Or in this case a woman angry.  Who knows what they were actually arguing about, all we know is we never want to fight with this lady.

Just to further what an awesome human being she is, when arrested she reportedly urinated all over the back of the cop car.  Classy.  She was charged with malicious castration.  We are now hunched over in pain.

[Via The Smoking Gun]