I can think of a number of things I’d like to see some women to with hot dogs but eating 40, 50 or however many they eat at these contests isn’t one of them. Well, maybe if they used those foot-long ones and weren’t allowed to use their teeth.

I’m so perverse, I know. Anyway, I guess that men always win the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest every year and women are tired of it. They want their own division, and now they’ve got it. My first thoughts were about really large women going to town on these dogs, but as I’ve read it turns out that most of the people that win these contests are actually more skinny than fat. That’s weird isn’t it? Read more about women breaking the boundaries here. And how about this picture of Betty White gobbling one down? I was going to throw up a picture of a hot chic with a hot dog, but I thought this would be much funnier.

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