This whole situation sounds super sketch city of you ask me.

Opening Ceremony

Apparently the World of Beer located inside of Crossgates Mall locked it doors over the weekend and personally I do not anticipate them opening (to the public anyway) any time soon or ever.

Although the nice people at the information desk inside the mall have been instructed to tell people that World of Beer is “closed temporarily.” The TU tried to get to the bottom of things and managed to get a hold of an WOB employee who said that at that point in time the employees "can’t get an answer as to when or even if it will reopen". Which really sucks on the part of WOB to leave all those people in limbo like that. Not know weather or not they have job has got to be a really sucky feeling. Especially because one of the beer representatives told the paper that they had been told that it had been permanently closed. You think the least WOB could do was let them know so they could find a new gig or start filing for unemployment so they don't get behind ya know?

I guess WOB has a bit of history in the past couple of years of just shutting down locations because according to this TU Blog the following locations just closed up shop in the last 18 months:

Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood; in St. Petersburg, Land O Lakes, and Jacksonville Beach, FL; in Austin and Dallas, TX;  in Columbus and the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood, OH; in Milwaukee; in the Seattle suburb of Renton; in Denver, and in Ann Arbor, MI.

That's a whole lot of stores in a very short time span WOB. I mean, I can't say I'm surprised though I only visited that spot a couple of times and every time the service was absolutely terrible for no reason at all and it's evident by the reviews left on WOB Albany's 1/2 deleted/ super inactive fb page that I wasn't the only one that felt that way.

Aside from feeling bad for the employees and the local bands that won't have that as a paying gig anymore I feel i can just as easily grab a drink at a couple of other fine establishments in the mall when I'm forced to go to the mall. How you feelin' about this whole scenario? You going to miss WOB?