“What’s that, this picture is for a billboard millions will see? Okay let me just make a face like I smelt a fart.” You nailed it bro! This is a picture I saw while getting off my plane in the Pittsburgh airport over the weekend. Normally I can just ignore ads on the wall and be one my way but not when passing this one for Chester Engineers. The picture of CEO Robert O. Agbede standing in front of the city sky line with a face like he’s in the middle of receiving a coffee enema just caught my attention.

Why would this guy let this get printed? He is the CEO of this company, did he not look over the proofs before sending them to print? Or did he actually see this picture and say “yes, that’s the one”! He couldn’t have right? He has got to know that this awkward “I never learned how to smile” face is not a good one. I feel like a cold mean mugged Black Panther face with a balled up fist would be more inviting then this.

Robert Agbede, you may be the CEO of Chester Engineers, but you have very little publicity skills. This is why you need to hire me to be the face of your next billboard. I mean, look how well it worked out for my last company.