Obviously a 15 percent gratuity is necessary for anyone who either delivers food or is your server at a restaurant, what about these people though?

I recently purchased a hybrid mattress from a Capital Region establishment and all morning waiting for it to arrive wondered. Do I tip the delivery guy/guys. I mean it isn't a meat lovers pie or anything you know? So I did what many in our digital age would have done. Took to the internet with a question, do I tip furniture delivery guys?

Answers ranged from yes definitely to no that is part of the delivery fee. I also saw people saying well it deserves a 15 percent tip from the cost of the item. I am sorry, with thousand dollar purchase I will not be throwing in a $150 tip. I ultimately thought, well unlike a waiter or waitress, delivery guys make a rate that isn't based of tips. I didn't tip. Does this make me a horrible person? Should I have thrown the guys $10 a piece?