I see tons of people pulled over all the time driving around the Capital Region. Mostly by New York State Troopers on the Thruway. I've even been pulled over by a trooper once and I've lived here less than six months.

So, if you had the option to take a "time-out" instead of an expensive speeding ticket would you take it? That's the option that police in one country are trying as a deterrent to slow down drivers. It's pretty smart because to a lot of people their time is even more important than their money. If you're on your way to work and you have the choice between a $200 ticket or a one hour time-out on the side of the road...I'd take the time-out, especially if they'd let you take a nice nap.

According to the article in PowerNationTV, police in Estonia have done a "time-out"  experiment where they pulled over 11 speeders and 6 of them took the time out.