Two years ago Diane Schuler made the horrible decision to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk.   The result of her actions was a terrible crash on the Taconic State Parkway that killed 7 people, 1 of her children and 3 of them were her nieces.  She got on the highway in the wrong direction, and now her husband is blaming everyone for the incident but her.


It was the worst crash that Westchester County had seen in 75 years.  That's why they tell you not to drink and drive.  Diane Shuler learned that the hard way back in 2009 when she hopped on the Taconic State parkway in the wrong direction and ended up not only killing herself, but 7 others.  Now her husband has decided to sue New York State for not making it clear that it is the wrong direction, and he is also suing his former brother in law because he owned the vehicle that his wife was driving at the time.

Can anyone say moron?  This was a terrible tragedy and now this guy is just kind of rubbing salt in the wound.  Daniel Shuler has decided to clog up the court system with this ridiculous case, not to mention drag his brother in law through for something he had nothing to do with.  According to Schuler though his former brother in law, Warren Hance,  should be partially responsible since he owned the car. Hasn't this guy been through enough with losing three children?

Unfortunately Diane Shuler was killed in the crash, so she can't take responsibility for her actions, which would have been some sort of manslaughter charge.  She is the only one that is to blame for this incident.  Her idiot husband needs to stop living in denial.  Your wife made a horrible decision, and now you have to live with that.  Stop blaming everyone else.  I am totally disgusted by this guy.

You can check out the complete article in the NY Post for more information.