Are you a bit of a hippie? Do people describe you as "crunchy?" Are you constantly thinking about your impact on the environment? If so, we have the cemetery for you!
A cemetery in California is hoping to change the way people think about burials. Instead of the traditional casket and headstone, Purissma Cemetery now offers the option of "green burial." So instead of being put in a box in the ground after being embalmed, your body is placed in what looks like a big, woven wicker basket and placed in the ground, in a hole that was dug by hand (by your family members) where your body naturally decomposes. But it's not just a cemetery! The plan is to build walking paths and benches, so it will be more of a park-like atmosphere.

Who exactly will be going for a stroll and resting on a bench with a decomposing body right next door? We're not really sure. But the owner says that there is room for a few hundred burial plots, so we'll just have to wait and see!

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