Ever wanted to try your hand at some of the obstacles on American Ninja Warrior or even train to be a warrior yourself? Well, you can now do that at a new Saratoga County Gym.

I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have been sucked into a marathon of American Ninja Warrior on TV. In fact at one point my old roommate and I actually turned our binge watch sessions into a drinking game. Which is probably pretty terrible on multiple levels but mostly because it should have inspired us to get off our behinds and learn some of the skills required to run the course instead of sitting on the couch drinking beers.

However, if you have ever wanted to put your skills to the test or learn the skills to get on the show a new gym just opened up in Malta called Saratoga Ninja Lab that is run by a two time contestant on the show. Inside the guy she has built basically an American Ninja Warrior Course.  The gym contains obstacles like warped walls,peg holes, tilting ladders, ring slide, floating steps, balance walls, and then some!

If you go check it out please, please, please send us some vid's so we can laugh at your (inevitable) epic fails and marvel at your accomplishments! These courses are not easy!