Okay so technically I think this experience is supposed to be for the kids but the event says "for all ages" so if you have ever wanted to meet a sloth you got an in here.

If you like many have developed an affinity for the slow moving, tree hanging, three (sometimes two) toed creature known as the Sloth well you are in luck because in just a couple of weeks you shot to meet one in person happens in Albany!

The Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education is teaming up with with Little Ray’s Nature Centers and ZooAmerica to host an interactive, educational exhibit at the Empire State Plaza that will feature over 30 live animal exhibits with 2 highly interactive 30-minute educational programs that will rotate 15 minutes apart. According to the Facebook event page not only will the Sloth be a feature but the 12,000 square foot exhibit also features a Armadillo, Owls, Falcon, Alligator, Hawk, Snakes, Tarantulas, Tortoises, Bunnies, Ferrets, and much, more!

The exhibition goes on February 9th and 10th from 10am to 5pm on the concourse at the Empire State Plaza admission is $14 a person but they have a ton of ways you can save on ticket prices on their event page that also includes a chance to win a VIP meet and greet with the sloth while you are there!

If you have been suffering from a case of the winter blues this could be a perfect pick me up (or a fun educational day with the family) just look at how happy meeting a sloth made Kristen Bell ...