I’m not positive if this is as much the ultimate revenge as it is some what gay. Either way I commend any 16 year old boy who can bake cup cakes.

According to TwinCities.com A 16-year-old student at St. Paul's Como Park High brought in cupcakes to share with his classmate. However, one of these cupcakes was made with extra “love butter”.

Of course this sounds like a hilarious way to get revenge on someone however I view it as slightly homosexual and very psychopathic. First off what 16 year old boy brings in cupcakes for his class mates - that alone is creepy? And 2nd: putting your semen in a cupcake isn’t an afterthought. You can’t rub one out and then say “hey, I should put that baby batter into some cake batter”. No, you have to plan that shit out. which now means while your yanking on your crank you are thinking about where your going to stick that sticky pee and the face of the guy your going to feed it to. That’s serial killer stuff. So funny in movies but creepy and scary in real life.

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