If you have been to Blatnick Park in Niskayuna, Central Park in Schenectady or Hyzer Creek Park in Middle Grove you have been to a Capital Region disc golf course and maybe you didn't even know it. Now Crandall Park in Glens Falls has two disc golf tournaments coming this summer.

What is Disc Golf? PDGA or Professional Disc Golf Association says that disc golf is played much like golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, though, players use a flying disc or Frisbee® and shares with golf the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes/throws.

According to News10 ABC, plans for two professional disc golf tournaments were approved by the city of Glens Falls to come to Crandall Park. Proposed by the Crandall Park Beautification Committee, the tournaments would encapsulate the weekend of June 12-13, sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association, with around 80 participants.

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My buddy Stephen plays every chance he gets and for the last few years I would make fun of him for it. "That isn't really a sport", "Why don't you say you are going for a walk instead?" stuff like that. Turns out he was right, disc golf is a legit sport.

"Practice is a must! I would find any open field that I could. football fields, local parks, etc. Places where I could practice my backhand and sidearm throws. It's all about practicing my mechanics." - Stephen Barone - Rotterdam

Who knew this world existed? Maybe everyone but me! As for the tournaments coming to Glens Falls, the weekend will begin with a “Learn to Play” event at noon on June 12, where families and groups of 4 to 5 can learn from experienced players. That would be my group. The course would use an 18-hole disc golf course that was built last year in the park. 

You will be able to pre-register through your local Stewart's Shops around the Capital Region. See you in Glens Fall this June!


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