Show your hometown pride if you were born and raised or live in on of these beautiful towns.

Whether you love winter or you hate it, it can be beautiful. I myself would prefer a day that is sunny and 75 but beggars can't be choosers. I will also say as much as I prefer the warmth, having that type of day a few years ago on Christmas was a bit weird. Here are the three towns according to NYUP that are among the ten most charming winter small towns in New York.

  • Chatham
  • Lake George
  • Sharon Springs

Now let the debate begin on whether you believe Sharon Springs and Lake George are part of the Capital Region. I myself think they are right on the fringe of what is to be considered the Capital Region. That's my opinion though. What do you think it is about these few small towns that rank them among the best in the entire state?

Full list below.

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