If you have been suffering some major spring allergies, you are not alone. In fact, it could be where you live. A survey came out listing the top twenty-five metropolitan cities in the United States that are the worst for spring allergies. Three cities in upstate New York made the top twenty!

What were the Criteria to Find the Worst Cities for Spring Allergies?

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America released their 2020 report of one hundred cities across the United States where people are most affected by spring allergies. Then 24/7 Wall Street reviewed the report and came up with the top twenty-five. It was based on a number of factors including measuring seasonal pollen, the amount of over-the-counter medication sold, and the number of allergists.

Which Three Upstate NY Cities Made the List?


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It may seem as if Syracuse, NY comes in at a high number on this list, but actually, in last year's survey, Syracuse was the twelfth worst city for spring allergies. Landing them at #20 is based upon population, the number of pollen particles, and other factors listed above.


Albany, New York, USA
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If you live anywhere in the Capital Region chances are you are suffering from spring allergies. Albany has made the list for all of the Capital Region. This year's survey makes it seem as if spring allergy season has gotten worse. Last year Albany was ranked at #29.


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Buffalo landed at #17 on the list which is only one spot better than last year's spring allergy survey. Airborne pollen, population, the amount of over-the-counter allergy medication sold, and other factors came into play in determining the rank.

If you want to see the entire list of the top 25 cities that are suffering the worst spring allergies, click HERE.

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