It was on this fateful December day in 1980 that one of musics biggest and most beloved icons had his life tragically taken away.

It has been 30 years since Mark David Chapman  took the life of a musical legend.  John Lennon was shot outside of his NYC apartment on December 8, 1980.  Now this happened a few years before I was born but I am a huge fan of the Beatles and that can be credited to my Mother who listened to them throughout my childhood.

I took a trip down to NYC over the summer.  Being from Albany it isn't that big a of a journey, but it occurred to me while I was down their that I had never seen Strawberry Fields, the central park tribute to Lennon.

So my girlfriend and I too a walk through the park to see it.  We also stopped outside of The Dakota, the building Lennon lived in and also where his life ended.    Now in most instances it's just a building, but this was different.  Even now 30 years later it has a very somber feel.  Today we take a little bit of time to remember a musical icon, John Lennon. "Strawberry Fields Forever".