Seriously, I feel like I was just writing about raw sewage spilling into another local body of water not too long ago.

David McNew/Getty Images

Okay, at this point I'm beginning to think that the Capital Region needs to begin investing in testing and updating the underground plumbing throughout the region because the pipes seem to be bursting pretty frequently around these parts and releasing some seriously gross stuff into our waterways.

According to CBS6Albany there is currently 300,000 (THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND) gallons of raw sewage spewing into the Mohawk River near Amsterdam at an astonishing 50 gallons a minute. Apparently a pipe was reported broken Monday morning around 10am and there is no word yet on how long repairs will take. So the sewage just continues spew out.

The DEC as issued a violation to the city of Amsterdam and they say they are working to improve the infrastructure. But apparently this isn't the first time this month alone that this has happened...

On July 13, 500,000 gallons of liquid sewage poured into the Mohawk after waste water treatment officials say it was an electrical issue that caused the problem, adding that the same thing happened two other times this year.

While raw sewage spilling into the river probably isn't the best for the environment or the people in the area Colonie officials are saying that the spill will not affect Colonies water supply. So there's that.