I’ve been saying for a long time how I only want to fight 9 year olds or younger and this guy just helps my argument. 9 year olds are small, stupid and weak, there for you always win.

According to The Times-Tribune a Scranton 33 year old man started a water balloon fight with a 9 year old boy and lost. Enraged after they boy hit him with a balloon, the man chased the kid down and stomped him into the ground (I assume literally there is a body shaped hole in the grass). Why did this guy get so mad? I can only assume that this little whippier snapper was cheating. He’s 9 and hit the guy with a water balloon? Not with out greasing his balloons or corking his sling shot. This kid is a cheater with out a doubt!

Some people might be enraged with this story but I say he taught this kid a life lesson. Don’t mess with a 33 year old water balloon vet, and if you do make sure you’re a fast runner!