According to, there are some rules on the books in New York State that you should be aware of before heading out for a night of green beer and bad judgment

  1. In New York, adultery is a crime!! It's considered a class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine. That actually doesn't sound so bad compared to also not having a place to go home to, all your stuff on the lawn, lawyers fees, and all the rest of the fun involved in a divorce.
  2. It is illegal for women to wear "body hugging clothing" on the street. I know most of you will be breaking this one...... and I encourage it!!!
  3.  You can be fined $25 for flirting!! I'm not sure who enforces this one, but I believe I may owe some people some money.
  4. Citizens may not greet each other by "putting ones thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers. WHAT??? That's my best pick up move!!!
  5. Women may go topless, providing it (they) are not being used as a business. So ladies, take those puppies off the leash and let them shine!! Just don't call them your "money makers"!!!

So there you have it. Please remember to play nice and be a good, law-abiding citizen.