Ever wonder if there is more to St. Patrick’s Day then wearing green and drinking?

Well there isn’t really, but just to be sure I, Dan America, sat down with a real Irish Woman who is from Ireland to talk about the truth about St. Patrick’s Day.

As I have been doing for the past 3 years, I like to inform and educate Americans about St. Patrick’s Day so that we all don’t look like a bunch of Silly American Apple Pies. This year the luck of the Irish literally walked into our building!

Naturally, I could not resist making a video: The Truth about St. Patrick’s Day.

I also like to politely remind people about the 4 I’s of drinking this time of the year.

So remember:

You are not Invisible, so keep your clothes on and please go potty in the bathroom and not in public.

You are not Invincible, please don’t challenge that fact or encourage a friend to especially if the ability to fly is involved.

You are not Intelligent, most of the time good decisions are no made while drinking, accidents are.

When drinking if you think that you are Invisible, Invincible or Intelligent, please remember that you are not one of the three, you are not two of the three, or all three at once but you defiantly are Intoxicated.

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