The Fall is creeping into the Capital Region.  Face it, August is over and eventually the summer is going to come to an end.  But it doesn’t have to be a total bummer.  There’s lots of great things about the Capital Region in the Fall! Here’s just a few:


  • 1

    Craft Beer

    The Fall is basically the season of craft beer.  From craft beer festivals, like ‘Troy on Tap’, to hanging out in the warmth of a brewery like Druthers as the nights start to get chilly, autumn is all about craft beer.   So embrace the coming chill, watch the leaves turn, and grab yourself a pint!

  • 2

    Alice Cooper

    To me, October is synonymous with Alice Cooper.  I think of one and I think of the other.  This year, we’ve got Alice Cooper himself coming to the Palace Theatre.  So if ANYTHING, there’s one huge highlight to make to Fall rock! Alice at the Palace, I can’t wait!

  • 3

    Farm Stands

    I’m all about all the farm stands and everything that goes with them.  Squash, pumpkins, fresh baked pies, cider donuts. I want it all.  I drive by a few farm stands each day between Wolf Rd and New Karner Rd and I can’t wait until they explode with all kinds of Fall goodness.

  • 4


    October 29th at the Times Union Center.  Enough said.

  • 5


    Minus the leaf-peepers.  I can’t stand tourists.  But I love the leaves.  They turn and they’re gorgeous and the Capital Region has some amazing colors in the Fall and clearly I’m obsessed and can go on and on.  I can’t wait to start to see the leaves turn.  I can however do without slow drivers and people pulled over in the road taking photos of the trees.

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