It seems like everyone hates New York, these are a few things you should love about the state that you hate.

Only In Your State recently put up a list of things they say "Everyone in New York absolutely loves" They have 18 things on their list yet I love only a few of them. Here are the things I love about New York.


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    Our States Rich History

    Sure maybe you don't like Gov. Cuomo. Or maybe you don't care for how high taxes are. Do you respect the historical things that have happened here? I do especially due to the fact we have history here that pre-dates the creation of our country.

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    Autumn Foliage

    Sure, maybe Vermont has better foliage. But does it really? That is a debate for a different time. Head out on some back roads in October and November and experience the beauty of fall in New York.

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    Certainly one of the best things about New York is The Adirondacks. We luckily have them just an hour outside of the Capital Region. I think many of us take this for granted but who can deny the beauty of these mountains?

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    Short Day Trips

    Whether you want to spend a day in New York City, maybe catch a Met or Yankee game. Or you want to go lay on the beach in Lake George. You aren't going to spend the entire day getting to your destination. Its one of my favorite things about New York, especially due to the location of the Capital Region.

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    State Fairs

    Listen, I would be shocked if you don't have a memory as a child of attending one of the many area state fairs. Whether it be Schagticoke, Columbia County, Saratoga County or one of the endless others. Fairs and fair food are a staple of many states but ours are pretty damn good.