It's the winter here in New York.  Sure, we're all used to winters in New York.  But, it doesn't mean that being cooped up for a few months doesn't make for some level of crankiness.  So between coming back from a vacation out of state, and going into a weekend with the first big snow storm of the year, here are a few things I hear when I travel that absolutely always get on my nerves (and- what would you add to the list?) :

  1. "How do you guys drive in that weather?"- I hear this all the time when I talk about living in upstate New York.  And seriously?! We just have to.  It's not a choice. We just do. So don't ask.
  2. "You live in New York- isn't that a city?"- If I had a dollar for every time someone thought I meant New York City when I said that I live in New York... it drives me crazy and for some reason, I can't escape this question/response!
  3. "How do you live where it's so cold!"- I don't know. Snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing.  Let's get real, it doesn't all suck.  What do you think?
  4. "There are mountains in New York?"- Honestly, I can't think of how many out-of-staters have asked me this question.  At this point, I would just rather hit my head against a wall than answer.
  5. The old 'my friend is from ...., maybe you've met them?'- Um. Do you realize how big New York is? No. If your friend is from Buffalo, I don't know them. Sorry!