Lock this women up and throw away the key! Marry Musselman has been supplying mankind’s oldest enemy with food and should be punished. Feeding bears is the same as feed al-Qaida!

“An 81-year-old former middle school teacher is being held without bond until March for allegedly feeding dog food to wild black bears…

Officials say they warned the retired gym teacher multiple times throughout November and December to stop feeding the bears, even showing her educational videos about the dangers of leaving food out.

"We are talking about putting out as many as 17 or 18 bowls of dog food," Gary Morse of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission told WFTS.” –HP

Nearly 20 bowls of food a night? This lady was trying to raise her own human destroying army of bears! Bears will not rest until we are all gone and if you feed them they will only get stronger. We need to stop the bears before it’s too late!