Thank you sir, for saying what we are all thinking, in the most entertaining fashion!

Harsh Winter Creates High Number Of Potholes On New York City's Roads
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Lets be honest here. Most of the roads here in the Capital Region leave something to be desired. You can barley make it five feet without hitting a pot hole or a massive drain or man hole. Even when the streets are repaved city crews are quick to cut it up immediately afterwards and make it all jacked up again. (Seriously, why do they do that? Why wouldn't you cut it up before you repave? Someone explain this logic to me?)

Anyway one Delmar resident, 87 year old Pete Pietrykowski, decided to voice his feeling on the topic and penned a hysterical open letter to city officials "thanking" them for the bumpy roads in his town. In the letter Pete begins that with his age comes certain "shortcomings" more specifically that he:

No longer can shake my cocktails with the vigor I once did.

However, thanks to all the bumps in the roads near him he has come up with a solution to the problem:

I simply make up a vessel of my favorite libation and strap it securely to the passenger’s seat of my automobile.

He goes on to provide specific streets and routes that work best for individual cocktails and ends his letter with:

I would like to thank our town and county supervisor for solving my problem.

I literally laughed out loud to myself in the studio to for a good five minutes after coming across his letter of pure awesomeness! I feel his pain on my daily commute and couldn't even begin to thank him more for completely making my day!

If you want to read the letter in it's entirety you can check it out HERE thanks to the TU.

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