Who would've thought that 2016 would end up being one of the worst years in recent memory, with all of the unfortunate celebrity deaths and terrible events that took place over the course of 12 months?

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I hope that fewer people pass away this year and that there are no more events or elections that will upset people, however I have a bold prediction for 2017.

In 2017 we will all get naked... at some point, probably in the shower.

Everyone is going to get naked: your mom, your dad, your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, neighbor, teacher, garbage man, coach, dentist, grandma and grandpa. Everyone.

You are going to get naked, and if you are reading this when you're naked in 2017 you are going to remember this and you are going to say: "Darn that Dan America, he predicted that in 2017 I will get naked and here I am, I am naked and it's 2017."

Sometimes I get naked in the bedroom when I am changing, but I am naked before that in the shower and I am pretty sure that it will happen in 2017.

If you think that my prediction for 2017 is stupid then prove me wrong. I will even help you because you can keep one article of clothing on to avoid being naked. You can wear one sock in the shower and when you get out don't take that sock off until you have something else on, but I don't think that anyone is going to try to prove me wrong and in 2017 everyone will get naked the when and the where is all scenery, it's the why that matters.

I will be getting naked to clean myself.

Why will you be naked in 2017?