Last winter in Upstate New York was pretty mild in comparison to other years. Yes, we had some cold and yes we had some snow, but nothing compared to years in the past. According to the Farmers' Almanac report released yesterday, we should expect it to be a lot colder and a lot snowier winter then we had last year.

One of their specific predictions involves a blizzard happening the second week of February that could dump one to two feet of snow all along the east coast from Washingon D.C. top Boston. Essentially, they are predicting a lot of snowstorms and blizzards to hit the northeast over and over again starting early in 2021.

Farmers' Almanac States Editor Peter Geiger says, “Based on our time-tested weather formula, the forecast for the upcoming winter looks a lot different from last year, quite divided with some very intense cold snaps and snowfall.”

Last winter the Farmers' Almanac predicted a roller coster like winter caused by a polar coaster that never materialized, but they say they did get some of their predictions right for the 2019 winter season. You can see that full report of what they missed and what they got right here.

In the meantime, while we wait for the snow to start falling, enjoy the last month of summer because winter will be here before we know it. So you might want to get the snowblower tuned up and make sure you've got plenty of ice melt for this winter season.

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