As I hear a bunch of millennials say- one coffee right "meow"! (Seriously, I hear millennials say 'meow' instead of 'now' all the time).

Anyways, a cat cafe is coming to Troy! According to the Times Union, the cafe is under development and projected to open this spring.  There's going to be coffee and cats, apparently a theme that emerged from Taiwan according to the Times Union.  Now, I'm a total cat lover- I own five cats (all named after rock stars).  That being said, I feel like it would be difficult to have cats around and keep things up to code for serving coffee and things that you drink or eat.  I mean, I guess it depends on how many cats there are, it just seems like a whole lot of cat hair will be flying around.  That being said, I totally will be one of the first to probably stop by this place for the sake of coffee and petting cats!

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