As a man I can surely feel his pain. I mean I do not pole vault but this does have to be disappointing.

The man in the video is Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita. Sadly due to his member smacking the bar he didn't make it past the qualifying round. Whats up with that? or down. I'm not sure where this sentence is going. But its dirty. Anyway, a lot of odd things have been happening at this years summer games in Rio. One being Michael Phelps and his weird giant hickeys on his shoulders. Then we have a pole vaulter smacking his mini pole on a long pole.

There are so many wrong and disturbing things to be said here however I am positive all men can feel his pain. On another note these rumors I hear about Japanese men seems to be true. Such a shame. Hopefully this made you laugh as it is surely one of the most awkward stories to come out of this years games.