Boxing certainly is a dangerous sport and many people can be hurt pretty seriously with one hit. Here is the story of Albany's Brandon Lynch.

Regardless of all the pain that can be caused Lynch said he wouldn't have done things any differently according to News Channel 13. He has let boxing consume his life for the past 6 years, but for what he wants could you blame him? His dream is to wear an Olympic medal.

"If I didn't have this goal then I don't know who I'd be. I'd be somebody else and I need it. I need to continue. It's the only thing that I have," Said Lynch..

According to Brandon not one person is exempt from being an Olympic athlete. He also believes its in his blood.

"Well, quite frankly, all you need is the perseverance to go to the gym every day and just do what you have to do, just keep working and make yourself better and eventually you'll get there,"

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