This has been an issue with Stewarts for years. I have never met a person that hates Stewarts. I also haven't met a person that doesn't have this issue with their hard rolls.

Now in no way am I trying to bash Stewarts at all here. But come on, one single light minuscule swipe of peanut butter. Please... Their hard rolls are awesome, don't mistake me. They just need to add more freaking peanut butter. Or more Butter if you fancy one of those hard rolls.

I stopped getting the peanut butter and jelly variety years ago as it might as well have been called a jelly hard roll. NO PEANUT BUTTER!

This is such a simple fix, how about two swipes of peanut butter? Maybe one large swabbing. We need more.

I would normally say, maybe its just said location that I go to every morning. Nope.. Its all of them.

I have fallen into the habit each morning of looking through all of the prepared hard rolls trying to find the messiest looking one with the hope that it means that there is a lot of peanut butter on it.

A mentioned this to a coworker, he gave me another solution. Get a loaf of bread and a jar of PB. It isn't the same. Stewarts, I love you, please put more peanut butter on your hard rolls.

Thank you.