Meter parking flat out sucks, in many parts of Albany at least during the day there is no way around it. Thankfully a new way to deal with it is coming Monday.

I mean I suppose any way really does beat the old way of having to make sure you have quarters if you plan on parking in downtown Albany. At least now there is a system that accepts bills. Monday though will be an unveil of a completely new way to pay for parking. A way that will allow you to skip the meter. Or so it seems.

According to the Times Union the City of Albany and the Albany Parking Authority will unveil a new ParkAlbany App Monday in a press conference held on State Street at 11 a.m. Sadly, if its a good way to avoid meters the only area of downtown it may be used is on State Street. That is a test area for the App.

If you plan on being in that area for something in the near future the app is free in your app store.


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