I used to come up to this lake all the time, but before yesterday, it had been about 5 years. My hiatus was partially my own fault as when I got bit by the 'golf bug' years ago, I turned down many a chances to be on the water so I could be on the course. Some friends don't have a boat anymore and then sometimes you just lose contact with people. Either way, 5 years is way to long to go without being on that lake. I love it. I know it's not the biggest lake, but who cares? Bigger usually just means colder water and more diffucult traffic getting in and out. Saratoga Lake  just seems perfect as any other lakes requires at least another 40 minutes of drive time for me. 


Yesterday was a unique trip for me as it was probably the only time I went on the lake without making a stop at Sandy Bay. I purposely requested not to make a stop there. Although I used to love to just wade in the water and throw the frisbee there while drinking many beers, during my time away from the lake someone referred to Sandy Bay as 'Pee-Pee Bay' mentioning how everyone just pees in that little area all day. It's funny how that never occured to me before and how gross that really is. I know I went a few hundred times there myself years back. Will I ever go in Pee Pee Bay again? Probably, it's fun in there. But I just wanted my trip back to Saratoga Lake to be a pure one. 

All in all, any chance you get to be on the water is almost always an awesome time. I just happen to have had some great times at Saratoga. If you have any friends with boats that throw out an inivite, drop everything and say yes. Oh yeah, a quick shout out for the folks on the red boat who delivered me an Aboslute vanilla shot from a few cute young lady. Damn, I should have taken a picture of her. Oh well, there's always next time!