Real Touch is looking to take a thousand of their Teledildonics to Afghanistan as part of a campaign called 'A Thousand Dildos for the Military Wives'.  The contraption is a internet connected sex toy that can allow families thousands of miles apart to be intimate.   The company is trying to get in touch with to the US Military to approve soldiers to use this device as part of a virtual conjugal visit. 

Here's how it works;  Real Touch is a synthetic orifice or plastic tube and connects to a computer, with a internet connection, the unit warms up, lubes up, pulses and grips any item stuck into it. On the other end of a connection, a "performer" or the military wife hand operates a sensor-covered rod to run the motors in the RealTouch - Somewhat like remote controlled sex.

The latest demographic of the Real Touch consumer are men who sync it with porn in the privacy of their homes.  However creators think the US Military can benefit from the device in the battle field.  Even female soldiers could operate the rod while deployed too.  Hey whatever keeps moral up!

If your looking to make your long distance relationship more gratifying, you don't have to be in the military, Real Touch sells for $249.