Tatiana and I share the joy of the holiday season by arguing about: Christmas, Christmas Movies, Christmas TV Shows, Christmas Music and who has been naughty and who has been nice?

On The Generation X Files.

We have a logo now, yes we got a logo for Christmas, or did one of us get a logo and the other got a lump of coal or a stick? Find out by listening to our Christmas episode.

I have two corrections and one suggestion to go along with this episode:

In Santa Claus the Movie, Dudley Moore's character Patch gives out magic lollypops that make people fly, not candy canes. He does not attempt to use candy canes until John Lithgow's character insists they launch Christmas 2!

The other correction is in regards to where Santa is from, I always thought he was from Germany, apparently he is from Turkey...

My one suggestion, watch Santa Claus the Movie!!!

Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays

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